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              Silicon Electro-Optical Modulators for Optical Interconnect and Analog Applications

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              Title:Silicon Electro-Optical Modulators for Optical Interconnect and Analog Applications

              Reporter:Rena Z.R. Huang

              Host:Prof. Zhang xiaoguang

              Time:July 1, 2013(Monday)14:30PM-16:00PM

              Place:The New Research Building Meeting Room 314


              Si photonics has emerged as a new platform to integrate photonic elements in close proximity with Si CMOS electronics. A Si CMOS compatible electro-optic modulator is a crucial photonic device for the realization of the vision of Si photonics for various applications, such as on-chip and off-chip optical interconnects and RF analog optical links. At Dr. Huang’s group, a SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor is utilized to create a high-speed electro-optic modulator used in optical interconnects for data center applications. Commercial IBM SiGe 8HP production line was used to produce the HBT for the use as an optical modulator. Epitaxial growth of Si on SOI substrate was also considered for fabrication of HBT EO modulators.


              Si linear EO modulator for analog applications has exhibited great potential. The spur free dynamic range of the SiGe HBT EO modulator and some other Si devices have studied and will be presented in this talk.


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